This is the webpage for the seminar I am running on statistical mechanics. You can join this seminar online on metauni, or in-person at the University of Melbourne. Post-seminar discussion happens in the #physics channel of the metauni discord. Click here to join.


  • 3/8/23 (notes, video) What is statistical mechanics? Hamiltonian systems and Liouville’s theorem.
  • 17/8/23 (notes, video) Entropy and the Boltzmann distribution.
  • 31/8/23 (notes, video) Stochastic processes.
  • 14/9/23 (notes) Stochastic differential equations.
  • 28/9/23 (notes) Discussing the paper “Statistical Mechanics of Learning from Examples” (1992) by H. S. Seung, H. Sompolinsky and N. Tishby


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